Scottsdale RC Speedway begins a new era….

Owner Adam Crippen of Tucson, AZ has officially acquired Scottsdale RC Speedway (more familiarly known as “SRS”) and the prestigious “Cactus Classic” annual off road RC race event.

Adam has already begun the transition and re-branding of SRS, and has expanded the retail presence of the store. The co-brand of HobbyTown USA® and the SRS Cactus Classic will certainly be an asset to the entire franchise, and bring greater recognition to our brand in the RC racing community.

The following comments are from the RCinsider.com website:178

“SRS Raceway/HobbyTown Join Forces! Most of you know the world famous SRS as being the host of the Cactus Classic and Arizona State Champs for over 25 years now, but it is what happens behind the scenes that we all overlook. Not only are those races recognized worldwide, but the heritage of SRS and what it means to be a part of it is huge!

With all that in mind, it would only make sense that HobbyTown USA, one of the nation’s biggest franchises in our hobby would try and take part in what SRS has started. Over this past weekend at the Arizona state championship HobbyTown USA announced they would be taking the SRS name and everything that goes with it to try and help grow our hobby/sport in that region and worldwide!

After talking to Adam(owner and operator of the new store) it seems that only good things are to come and that everything track wise will stay the same, and eventually will grow as well… so be sure to mark the Cactus Classic on your list of races for next year!”

– Zack Rogers for www.rcinsider.com