Rumors of Carpets?

Greetings, SRS Raceway! We, like many of you, have heard rumors of a possible carpet track? Replacing the clay track? in addition to? What’s going on? We want to let you all in… not only to keep you informed about what is going on, but we want your ideas, thoughts, concerns, and general knowledge and wisdom from the drivers’ stand, pits, and in RC racin gin general.

We know that you can’t make everybody happy all the time, but we want to make choices based on our collective best interests, so please share your thoughts, feelings, and concerns with us here, as well as on the SRS facebook page, so that we can at least get as many perspectives as possible. We ask that we all keep the discussion friendly, positive, and solution oriented as much as possible, and please refrain from vulgarity, insults, and the like… We can make the best RC racing experience possible for everyone, but only with your help!

So, here’s this week’s “dirt”… As of now, it DOES look like we will be pulling the clay out, and installing a wood-framed, well-thought carpet track in it’s place. There is some talk of possibly laying down some clay in the garden center, or somewhere else, for rentals and beginners to test their chops. Right now, it looks like we’re leaning toward selling off the clay and committing, but as I said, details are still in the works, and until it’s done, it ain’t done, right?

Yatabe Arena turf track – lots of possibilities…

What are your thoughts? what would you like to see? How can we make your experience at SRS better? How can we make it better for everybody? We’re listening…

So much we could do…

9 thoughts on “Rumors of Carpets?”

  1. never run on a carpet track before. sounds like only benefit is its cleaner and less maintenance. some say it provides more traction but at what cost to the customer? not sure what tire to run on carpet. people say foam?. i was checking to see what people say about dirt and carpet online and most people are saying they prefer dirt/clay. they say if its carpet its not offroad anymore. im pretty comfortable with dirt and clay. it seems more realistic and offroad to me. carpet may be good but i wouldnt know. im good with the track now but it does seem like my son and other kids have a hard time with the gapped jumps so maybe more table tops that are easy for them but the experienced can clear it and the single after? carpet or dirt. im sure it would be fun either with way.

  2. From our research, a carpet track is not only cleaner, but it tends to be a much more consistent track surface, so drivers tend to like it… and we can re-configure the track quickly and efficiently.

    We are weighing the pros and cons, and will end up going with what makes the most sense for our drivers and our venue long term – either way, we will have a track worthy of the SRS name!

    1. Randy, All of the recent carpet off-road tracks have been using rubber pinned tires. I’ve had a chance to try it once and what a blast! Fun and fast with traction for days!

    1. Yes, the entire track, if we go carpet, will be easily re-configurable for on-road, flat track… one of the benefits of carpet on this end.

  3. I don’t think carpet should be called off road.short course racing is done on dirt with all of the dirt that sticks to your vehicle as part of it all. My opinion keep it dirt.

  4. I like the idea of having options….keep a dirt track for new people in the garden. When are you guys thinking about making the transition? This should be posted on your Facebook page…drive more traffic to your site and stir discussion.

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